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Jan Scheiper

Hi, cool to see you here! My name is Jan, I'm 29 years old and live in Cologne, Germany. This page is a kind of a portfolio/hub hybrid, where I showcase some of the stuff I've made over the years. I'm not a great artist though, so don't expect anything super fancy design-wise. Some more fun and gaming oriented things can be found on jangxx.com.


In 2017, I started literalchaos.de with the intention of redoing some of my older projects (which were strewn accross several domains) and concentrate them in one place, making them nicer in the progress. Seven projects are hosted there at the moment, with more coming in the future.


You can contact me on the various platforms listed below or via the email address jan[at]janscheiper.de (PGP Key). You can also reach out to me via Telegram, or on Discord.


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If you want to support what I do you can donate on PayPal or Ko-Fi, but don't forget that I have a day job that pays well, so please only donate if you want to show gratitude and if you have the means. I make stuff out of a passion for creating and not for financial incentives, so never feel pressured into giving me your hard earned money.